Public Security Applications

FirstGuard's patented weapons detection technology applies to shopping centers, community centers, schools, banks, business and residential buildings, and open air venues.  Security professionals understand that public safety is not found in one solution only.  Effective security requires a layered approach, with security personnel, technology, and public awareness all working in concert to detect - and prevent - potential threats.

Our patented pre-shot weapons detection technology works to locate and identify any barreled weapon – long-range, short-range or handheld.  We are developing simple "portal entry" applications to enhance security in public locations - both indoor and outdoor.  Using a FGT Detector will prompt an alert if a barreled weapon is exposed before it is fired, adding this new layer of protection for public security.

Similar to our military applications, FirstGuard public security detection is being developed not only for buildings, but also for vehicles including limousines and buses and in wearable applications for personnel.