FirstGuard Technologies Training | SL3D Course 3

SL3D: Urban Environments

Class DateSeptember 17-18, 2015; 8:30am-5:30pm (Breakfast and afternoon refreshments will be served)

Cost: $1,500 (2-day module)

Prerequisites Familiarity with Simulink 3D Animation; or Introduction to Simulink 3D Animation class

Objective:  Rapid Scene Generation of a High-Resolution Synthetic Urban Environment

Description: Using a single LIDAR data (LAS) file and a single overhead aerial or satellite image (GEOTIFF), students will generate and open a 3D urban scene in MATLAB and Simulink using SL3D.  The scene will be of an actual location on Earth and will be as realistic as possible from the data provided using millions of data points.

What You Will Learn: 

  • How to build a VRML template file for this particular application.
  • How to build and display a base foundation using the “average” color.
  • How to colorize the LIDAR data point cloud.
  • How to compare two different VRML editors. 
  • How to generate and display contours from the LIDAR data.
  •  How to generate SL3D animations.
  • How to import LIDAR and image data into the MATLAB environment.
  • How to match LIDAR data points to image data points.
  • How to navigate through the scene using a joystick.
  • How to open the SL3D Viewer (in both MATLAB and Simulink).
  • How to process (aka – “clean”) LIDAR data.
  • How to use the SL3D Viewer’s keyboard shortcuts.
  • How to use the SL3D Viewer’s navigation methods.
  • How to use VRML’s Background node.
  • How to use VRML’s Point Set nodes

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