FirstGuard Technologies Training | Instructor Bio

Edward J. Mayhew, Jr.

Eddie Mayhew has 20 years of professional experience developing MATLAB applications and Simulink models. His work has supported the Institute for Defense Analysis, PAX River Naval Air Station, the Naval Surface Warfare Center, the National Ground Intelligence Center, the USS Virginia, the Joint Strike Fighter and several state-of-the-art projects for George Mason University. 

He has taught MATLAB and Simulink courses to more than 1,000 engineering professionals all over North America, representing major institutions such as Exxon Mobile Research Company, GE Transportation Systems, General Motors Powertrain, Honeywell Commercial Aviation Products, IBM, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, and the National Security Agency, to name only a few.

Mr. Mayhew has given numerous professional presentations at conferences across the United States on the use and benefits of Simulink 3D Animation (SL3D).  Topics have included virtual reality, physics models, technical computing, high-resolution animation and synthetic environments.  He has presented to numerous conferences sponsored by MathWorks, as well as gatherings of major aerospace and defense contractors.

Mr. Mayhew has been a member of the MathWorks Advisory Board more than 10 years.  

During Mr. Mayhew’s career he was the facility MATLAB/Simulink instructor at Pratt & Whitney (CT), Hamilton Sundstrand (CT) and Lockheed Martin Federal Systems (VA).  In addition, he has provided formal MATLAB course instruction to electrical and computer engineering students at George Mason University as a teaching assistant and adjunct faculty member.  Mr. Mayhew has developed all of his own course material over his long career in industry and academia. 

Mr. Mayhew earned the B.S.E.E. and M.S.E.E. degrees at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.