Indirect Fire Weapons Detection

FirstGuard’s scientific approach to weapons detection is focused on the inherent geometry and physics of a barrel acting as a wave-guide when illuminated by radar, and so works on any barreled weapon, including indirect fire weapons such as mortars and field artillery. Using appropriate frequencies for these large caliber weapons and specialized signal processing, a detection system can be developed that is light enough for airborne mounting.

Recent tests have confirmed that the FirstGuard pre-shot detection systems can identify 81mm mortar tubes, and further data collection is ongoing for related weapons.

Current mortar detection systems, including several in production and currently under contract to the U.S. military, are designed to spot and track incoming mortar, artillery, and rocket fire, then backtrace the enemy’s firing position and the round’s estimated impact location based on its trajectory.

A pre-shot detection capability, when combined with existing trajectory-tracking systems, would significantly enhance and improve response times and survivability.