Partnership Opportunities

FirstGuard completed  a 4-year, $2.4 million contract with the Office of Naval Research to build the first pre-shot sniper detector using the Mason technology. The initial prototype PSD Radar was delivered to the Navy, and testing is ongoing.

Using supporting technologies developed exclusively at FirstGuard, independent testing has confirmed our patented approach to detecting a barreled weapon. We are now seeking larger, experienced technical and business partners to further develop and deploy this unique approach to weapons detection. Opportunities exist for:

  • Patent Licensing
  • Patent sub-licensing for identified markets
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Technology purchase agreements
  • Commercial rights contracts

For further information, please contact FirstGuard President, Jim Wolfe, via phone or email:

Jim Wolfe, President
FirstGuard Technologies Corporation
4031 University Drive, Suite 100
Fairfax, VA 22030
Tel. 703-267-6670